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There can be no more moving appeal to the imagination than that of a collection of autographs. Whereas the printed page, with its cold formality, masks the authors individuality, his handwriting is almost a part of himself. It is an instrument equaled only by the voice in its power to reveal the strongest emotions and most secret thoughts.

Mementoes of a glorious or tragic past, such documents, reflecting with the truthfulness of a mirror relics of priceless worth, call up before our wondering eyes the mighty pageants of history

Lady Jane Grey Announces Her Accession to the Throne of England

Sir Philip Sidney's Last Letter

Signature of Guy Fawkes Under Torture

Charles I informs His Sister of the Birth of a son and Heir

Cromwell's Report on the Battle of Naseby

A Prophecy by John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

Nelson's Unfinished Letter

The Duke of Wellington Informs a French General of the Victory of Waterloo

Napoleon's Appeal to England


These pages were created from an old book. I can give no credit to the original editor or author as niether are mentioned. The book has stiff card pages ribbon bound in a simple lettered laid paper cover. Each double page spread has the facsimiles as reproduced exactly here corner tipped on the right hand leaf, the accompanying text being on the left. The overall size is 228mm wide x 312mm tall. It has a 1930's feel to it. If anyone can tell me anymore, please email me.


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